This is what we were up to from 1998-2002. All of our BOX-is have soldout, but I kept these pages to share the history of the product launch...

Simply put, BOX-is are like over-size cigar boxes. They measure 9.25" x 12.25" and are 2.25" deep – the perfect size to fit your spiral-bound notebook, the book of the month, your favorite CD, print-outs from your favorite web site, articles torn from your favorite magazine!

BOX-is are perfect for Workshops

Custom-Designed BOX-is
Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing provides customized publishing and design services. We create superb, high-quality books, ebooks, magazines, marketing materials, and professional identity package to coordinate with our BOX-is.

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Our best-selling Custom Box: The Work-at-Home Kit

Do you want to see my own journaling BOX-is in use?

View the original PHILOSOPHY?

Recovery is...
Journaling is...
Creativity is...


A Renaissace of Spirit - An Essay about BOX-is

Marketing Inside the BOX by Barbara Stuhura

Brand Alchemy [PDF]

Interview with Nancy Cleary by Entrepreneur Radio

Marketing Packages
Are you an author, speaker, or business professional? Our award winning marketing materials will help to build credibility and make a lasting first impression. Do you have a message, an announcement, or an invitation that needs to be presented in a unique, memorable... and keepsake way?

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