Recovery from... addiction, abuse, illness, loss. For everyone it is different.

Imagine... a keepsake box to collect items of inspiration, things which document the recovery process.

A beautiful journal for thoughts, drawings, dreams... of a brighter future.

A writing kit for communication.. with oneself, with one who has caused pain, or with one who has passed on.

And a portfolio full of inspirational recovery stories and resources.

Recovery is.. very important to me. One of the reasons I created the BOX-is project was in hope I could provide an avenue for women to recover their spirit.

I wanted a gift which could be given to a friend you know is suffering - that wouldn't be painful for recognizing the problem.

I wanted to provide a space in their life with the potential of leading to recovery.

A Woman's Way through the Twelve Steps Workbook, Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D.
Recovery Box-is can include a Hazelden Catalog for the best resources in Recovery.

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