Publishing Consultant, Book Designer, Branding Expert My goal is elevate your brand equity – to take the book you publish and the platform you build and package them together with creative marketing expertise that makes you irresistible to the media, customers and all decision makers.
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Nancy Cleary
Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc., Deadwood, Oregon
PH: 541-964-3314, FAX: 541-964-3314, email

I offer Branding Packages, Publishing Consultation, Book Packaging and Marketing.

I can help you to define your brand – what is unique and compelling about you, your book and/or your services, and then visually convey that message in all mediums.

I have been a professional graphic designer for over 25 years and a publisher since 1998. My passion for packaging is translated into powerfully stunning and perfectly executed books and marketing materials. My experience in publishing provides unparalleled support in every aspect of the book industry.
  • Book Design - cover and interiors
  • Author Brand Packages - printed marketing materials & media kits
  • Self Publishing Consulting & Handbook
  • Book Marketing & Publicity consulting
I have "been there, done that" on every aspect of this complex and confusing industry and have the answers to questions which will save you time, energy, embarrassment and money.


Self-publishing authors, authors using publishing services, and authors publishing with major houses all need to have a powerful brand and a clear, consistent message and image throughout their materials in order for their book to have the best chance in being noticed by the media, to be saved by producers, to be called as an expert, and for customers to be drawn to you and purchase your book!

You have invested your time and energy into writing this book, and, while it seems as though there is another expense at every turn, I can promise that investing in professional consulting and branding is a worthwhile decision for your entire career as a published author.
  • If you are still in the process of deciding how to publish, or in the trenches of self-publishing, I can provide a one-hour consultation that may help you scale the many hurdles you are facing.

  • If you need assistance making your book cover everything you've ever dreamed it could be - let me take a look at what you have thus far – we revel in makeovers which incorporate our talent and publishing experience.

  • If you need advice on how to market your book, we can help!

Also check out the Wyatt-MacKenzie Custom Imprint Program.

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