Francis Ford Coppola predicts the future will revolve around creativity.
The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women is filled with stories of women who nurtured their creativity into major success. Interviews with artists, best-selling authors, businesswomen, and scholars will inspire you.

It has great exercises and makes a wonderful companion to Box-is. From the book: "Set up a creative sanctuary, even if it's only a special box for starters. Collect objects that you are attracted to, like photos, materials, fabric swatches, quotations, and books that comfort or encourage you."1

Author Gail McMeekin states, " As we go into the twenty-first century, the world needs the collective power of a feminine Renaissance."2


Check out these Web Sites to spark your creativity:
Flax Art Supplies
Expressive Arts Training One weekend a month for a year.. if you live in the Pacific Northwest you will love this!
"The true secret of creativity is doing it."
Cathleen Rountree
"Repeat: The Great Creator has gifted us with creativity. Our gift back is our use of it.." 3
Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way

Allow the Spirit to flow through your creativity.

Great Books

The 12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women, Gail McMeekin

The Artist's Way , Julia Cameron

The Simple Abundance Companion, Something More, Sarah Ban Breathnach

Life, Paint and Passion, Michelle Cassou and Stewart Cubley

Do you have a definition, product or web site dedicated to creativity?
Renaissance BOX-is are covered with a montage of Renaissance drawings, paintings, sculpture and architecture combined with the high-tech images of today's online world.

We need a Renaissance... a reawakening of creativity and a renewed connection to the spirit within ... the Creator within all of us. As Michelangelo trusted the marble to release the sculpture of David, so must we trust ourselves to release our masterpieces!

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