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The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron came into my life in 1992. It was the "morning journal pages" which I referred back to when creating BOX-is.

Now she has created a journal specifically for this purpose. This free-flowing exercise brought me in touch with what my spirit truly wanted. I would write about helping women to define themselves and what they want out of life. One of my journal entries reads, "I want to tell women to put their dream life in a box and to add to it daily until the dream comes true."


Journaling, collecting keepsakes, scrapbooking, archiving... connects the acts of action and reflection.

Journaling is a way to reclaim a sense of your place in this world.

Every journal is a seed for the next one.

Journaling helps us to notice changes in ourselves, our thoughts, our actions.

You create meaning out of the events in your life, and turn them into the story of your life, in your journal.

The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal, Julia Cameron
The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, Julia Cameron
FROM THE BOOK: One of Julia Cameron's "creativity tasks" includes starting an image file. This is something I have done since grade school. Julia suggest listing five desires, things you would try if you had both the faith and the money. "When you spot them, clip them, buy them, photograph them, draw them, collect them somehow. With these images, begin a file of dreams that speak to you. Add to it continually for the duration of the course."1

These books make wonderful companions to BOX-is and to your own creative recovery through journaling.

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1 Julia Cameron. The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Creativity:A Course in Discovering and Recovering your Creative Self. New York: Putnam Publishing, 1992, P.103.