Essay ~ BOX-is & a Renaissance of the Spirit

Six centuries ago there was a reawakening after a long period of darkness. This process of forced growth was marked by crisis and tension. It was an uncomfortable, yet intensely exciting time to live. This tension called forth an outpouring of creative energy the world had never experienced before.

This Renaissance, or “rebirth” roused people from their inactivity, from their unexamined lives, their complacency, their fear of expression, their doubt in their ability to create change. The Renaissance began when people realized they were no longer living in the dark ages. It marked a shift from their deep spiritual crisis.

Now, more than ever, we need a Renaissance. We need a renewal of hope and creativity. We need to passionately pursue our purpose in life. It is time to move from self-centeredness to self-awareness. We need to discover our talents and share our gifts. We must find joy in our own lives so that we can bring it into the lives of those around us. It is up to each of us to make peace with ourselves so we can begin to create peace in the world.

But how do we do begin to do this? My answer to this question is an innovative personal and entrepreneurial development product which I combine with my talent and an ever-growing network of creative, cooperative, forward-thinking women.

My products are tools for introspection which help women focus within and define themselves and their dreams. My talent is manifesting these dreams into products, promotions and programs. By using my gifts I hope to shine light on the amazing “Renaissance Women” I am collaborating with – who are perfect examples for other women to pin their dreams on.

The BOX-is... a space to focus on yourself, to honor your ideas, to collect images, capture inspirations and hold research. BOX-is include a journal and pen to record your thoughts, sketch your dreams, and create a vision for tomorrow. They include a writing kit to connect with others and share your revelations. The BOX-is have a companion web site filled with resources, stories of inspiration, examples of entrepreneurism, self-help and leadership, and provide opportunities for finding mentors and joining online communities.

We are all experts at our own experiences and as women we were born entrepreneurs – creative, multi-tasking, nurturing, managing, caring, expressing, sharing. So the question is, How do we leave our legacy, tell our story, show others what we have learned? How do we use our creativity and inspire others to use theirs?

We must find what we have to give and then find a way to give it.

The keepsake BOX-is and the companion web site are vehicles for sharing and presenting information – from personal gifts to small workshops – on a local level to a global audience online.

I have built the BOX-is product, site, service, and brand, to be a means for women entrepreneurs to pursue their passion into profit. BOX-is “Partners” get a complete concept-to-doorstep packaging solution with endless marketing support. Creative financing and service/product exchange programs make it possible for women to get an idea off the ground without a huge investment in this troubled economy. Online forums and test groups provide valuable market research and product development.

As a graphic designer for the last ten years I know how expensive and time-consuming it can be to professionally package and test market an idea on a limited budget. As a publisher I have learned what it takes to then reach your audience. As a network, the BOX-is Partners accomplish together what is difficult for any of us to do alone. The success of every Partner’s product benefits the group as a whole since every box is branded with BOX-is.

This is how we will renew and strengthen the spirit of humanity – by beginning with ourselves, finding our purpose, defining our dream and fulfilling it – and inspiring others to do the same. When we are on the path of our purpose and we feel passionate about what we are doing a little creativity can go a long way. Mountains will move and doors will open when the right information is presented in the right way to the right people.

The spiritual journey is defining who we are and why we are here,and what it is we are supposed to be doing. Sometimes it takes the darkest moments to bring out the light, death to bring rebirth, destruction to bring renewal. Humanity needs a Renaissance of the Spirit and BOX-is will provide the space ... in the hearts, minds, book shelves and workshops of the creative women leading the way for others to follow.

~ Nancy Cleary

10/01 Entry for the "Women Helping Women" search in Working Woman Magazine


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