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Gina Bennett has been featured on Oprah, and in documentaries on HBO, PBS and Showtime

FEB 2020: FAIRYTALE The Pointer Sisters' Family Story

REINDEER WITH KING GUSTAF was gifted to all Laureates by the Nobel Foundation


Our 2007 app has been downloaded millions of times worldwide

Wyatt-MacKenzie’s Soundtrack for the Logging Industry

Frontlist Memoirs: Peggy Caserta, Tom Weise, Ben Barnz & Taylor Dayne

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Carol Schlanger

Gina Bennett

Amy Impellizzeri

Suzanne Kamata

Kathy Coleman

Caroline E. Zani

Lori Desautels & Michael McKnight

Lisa Pliscou

Annie Burnside

Tara Masih

Sinclair Browning

Matt Bellace

M Dickson

Chandra Prasad

Patti Ashley

Marika Roth

Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD

Pam Leo

Anita Laughlin

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