TESTIMONIALS (1998-2010)

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"I checked out what you've done - YOU are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No author could ask for more. Thank you so very much!"

-- Best, Joyce Rebeta-Burditt, author of The Cracker Factory



"I was telling my parents just the other day that out of all the houses I've worked with, you've been the most talented and most responsive."

-- Chandra Prasad, author of Breathe The Sky



"When I was struggling to decide which publishing option would be the most beneficial for my book -- going with a large company, a small one, or self publishing -- Nancy came to my rescue.  She used her considerable book knowledge to explain the pros and cons of each of my choices, so I could make an informed decision about what to do. If you are an author seeking advice about the best avenue for your book's publication, I would definitely recommend consulting with Nancy. She's extremely knowledgeable and easy to talk to!"

-- Ana Lora Garrard, author of Your Dreams; Spiritual Messages in Pajamas (assisted getting published by Llewellyn)  



"P.S. More appreciation to you for your help with my contract, so happy!"

-- Dr Sarah J Buckley, physician, Author of Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering (assisted in getting published by Celestial Arts)


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We've been traditionally publishing authors since 1998.

For: Motivated writers, professors, professionals, and authors who have been with a traditional publisher; have media experience; have a proven sales record, readership, and followers; have a solid platform and a comprehensive marketing/publicity plan; and most importantly a well-written, researched, and positively reviewed book

Authors may pitch with or without agent representation; agents are invited to email or mail proposals to Wyatt-MacKenzie, 15115 Hwy 36, Deadwood, OR 97430.

There are no fees for Traditional Contracts which include an Advance, plus an Author Package that includes positioning and design collaboration with the author; professional copy-editing and proofreading; indexing; author branding & platform building; advance review copies and publicity support.

Proposals should include: sample chapters, marketing & publicity plan, links to online presence and reviews.

We provide an unparalleled author experience—writers and agents are invited to talk to any Wyatt-MacKenzie authors about working with us!

Consulting Program
For: Entrepreneurs & anyone considering Self Publishing

Our well-established Wyatt-MacKenzie Consulting PROGRAM is a completely unique TRANSPARENT model for printed books and ebooks distributed internationally on demand under your OWN brand. Unlike anything that exists on the market— if you’ve done your research, you’ll appreciate our program.

We also offer 1-Hour Consultations to help you choose the best publishing option—from major houses to indies to launching your own imprint or going straight to Kindle.

Decide which option fits your project best and email us with “MAJOR RELEASE” or “IMPRINT” in the subject.