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“Nancy Cleary was the graphic artist on a CD that I produced. The sound engineer who did our recording recommended Nancy to me, saying that he has worked with Nancy on numerous projects and found her to be a wonderfully creative graphic artist.

Unwilling to work with anyone on anything whom I have not met, I drove to Deadwood last summer in order to meet with Nancy face to face about what I would want from her. From the moment Nancy greeted me in her driveway, I knew I was in the presence of a tremendously energetic, enthusiastic individual. Nancy showed me into her office area, which definitely lends itself to creative activity. As we talked and she showed me samples of her work on similar projects, I sensed that I was dealing with a woman who not only loves what she is doing, but knows what she is doing.

Nancy clearly possesses both creative genius and business acumen. Since that meeting I have received from Nancy sketches for the cover of our CD booklet, and both I and the musician whose work will be recorded on the CD are delighted with Nancy's efforts. While I was with Nancy her partner and children popped in to say they were heading out to do whatever, and would be back shortly, an event I sensed happens frequently, but without causing Nancy to lose her focus. As soon as they left she turned her attention back to the materials we had between us and picked up exactly where she had left off in our conversation.”

~ Sharon L. Rodgers