Dear Dad, It's Over: turning custody into candor

ISBN: 978-1-936214-67-9
124 Pages, 5 x 8
$13.50 Paperback
Pub Date: MAY 15, 2012


About M's performances...

“M Dickson wowed the audience with her laugh-out-loud funny, fast-draw delivery.(She) produced one of the most polished, tight five industry sets we’ve seen in recent memory.” – STAGE TIME Magazine

“Her sassy dry wit and flawless stand-up routine was the favorite”
- The Grand Opera House


M Dickson

M. Dickson is a jaded optimist. The glass is still half empty—but the juice is friggin’ delicious. A regular contributor to MTV, M has also been seen on Last Comic Standing, CBS Sunday Morning and WE tv’s Cinematherapy.

M headlines colleges in addition to touring clubs and opening theater shows for notable acts like Kathleen Madigan. She recently joined the list of contributing writers to Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.

The New York based comedian has made appearances at The Boston Comedy Festival, The New York Underground Comedy Festival, The North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival and many more.

In 2012, M’s debut book topped the Amazonbest sellers and called “a must read” by Lewis Black. Later that year she, along with writing partner sold a television project to Universal Cable Productions.


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M’s parents divorced when she was seven. Over the years she had a roller coaster of a relationship with her father, and now at 26 she has decided to “break up” with him for her own well-being.

A funny journey through the emotions and events that led to the “Dear Dad” letter day will resonate with anyone who has experienced an absent parent, endured step-family, and undergone the self-exploration and self-preservation which goes along with handling these askew relationships.


“My parents have been married for sixty-six years. I am lucky to have never been through the trauma of divorce. I was astonished by how well M deals with the devastating emotions. I can't imagine a better map than the one she has drawn through the personal minefield that a child faces. A must-read for any divorced parent or any child who has had to go through it.”
Lewis Black, New York Times bestselling author, comedian

“This book made me think. And still think. It’s rare anymore to read something that sticks in your mind. The distance of emotion mixed with the pain and humor of being right in the situation is something difficult to achieve. I now understand where the underlying hilarious darkness of M’s standup comes from. Great job.”
Kathleen Madigan, comedian