Included in our Consulting Program:

Unprecedented publishing and publicity support from an experienced indie publisher. Nancy's perspective on the publishing industry is extensive.

Cover design from a graphic designer with over 30 years of book packaging and author branding experience.

Editorial referrals to substantive editor, line editor, copy-editor or proofreader

Our complete Pre-Publication, Book & Event Marketing, Platform-Building GUIDEBOOK & PROGRAM with (3) phone sessions covering:

• Pre-publication Preparation - we will help you set your publication date and assist you in drafting a marketing plan and assembling a media kit, we'll discuss ARCs, pitches, and packages, plus review press releases. We'll also discuss getting your social media setup and running effectively.

• Complete distribution and fulfillment overview

• Platform-Building - we will discuss how you can build your online presence through your web site, and how to use social media.

• We'll go over placing sales, checking sales, order fulfillment and answer other distribution questions. We'll discuss foreign rights, translations, licensing and private-labeling.

Imprint receives: Author Branding & Marketing Materials SEE SAMPLES We will discuss what is needed and how it can be used. Artwork provided for choice fL Sellsheets, postcards, bookmarks, business cards, letterhead, apparel graphics, web banner, campaign items. Printing referral to -- beautiful and economical, ex.1000 business cards = $28, 1000 postcards = $31. Posters, apparel, mugs, bags, and other s.w.a.g. artwork provided and produced through ex. 24" x 36" poster is $17.

All publishing registrations, directions provided.

Direct account with printer gives you BOOKS AT COST. Plus quantity discounts direct from printer.

Imprint Branding: an icon for your spine, title page, and all of your communications

International distribution through LightningSource: Ingram, Baker & Taylor. In the UK by Bertrams and Gardners. Plus Follett Libraries & Universities. Program includes wholesale order form and advice on order fulfillment, bookstores, events, and direct sales.

Books will sell on major online retailers, as well as available for order in bookstores and libraries

Amazon "Search Inside the Book" Program and B&N "See Inside" plus tips on making the most of Amazon's author promotional tools

We can be your Lightning Source, Ingram Spark, KDP, Kindle, iBook, Nook, Kobo connection...and you’ll have your own accounts

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Also answer: Has your manuscript been read and reviewed and edited?

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“When my publisher retired, two of my storytelling books suddenly went out of print. Although I had book contracts with traditional publishing houses for new releases, I dreaded the long process of finding a publisher to put my older books back into print. Then an author friend recommended that I get in touch with Nancy Cleary. I did, and felt immediately comfortable with Nancy, who answered all of my many questions, sometimes twice, with warmth and infinite patience.

Nancy walked me through every step of the way. Not only did she help me create my Appleboat Press imprint, she used her considerable skill as a graphic artist to brand me as an author, and help me design my logo, stationery, and business cards. She even helped me get my website up and running. This I considered a small miracle, as I had already spent hundreds of dollars, several years, and made several false starts that did not result in a working website. But Nancy is someone who gets things done, and done well.

Nancy Cleary is a whirlwind of positive energy, completing every promised task brilliantly, professionally, and in record time. She is consistently cheerful and good-natured, patient, and genuine, yet underneath all that is an extremely accomplished and talented professional with business savvy that astounds. She possesses the boundless energy to make and meet any goal. Now I not only have books to sell at my performances and workshops, I get to sit back and collect checks for books that Nancy has even helped market for me.”

~ Naomi Baltuck




Publisher and designer Nancy Cleary saw her name credited on the colophon of a book for the first time in 1985 and she has been helping writers and entrepreneurs to design, publish, and promote their work ever since. Alongside her indie publishing company, she also offers entrepreneurs — who are considering publishing — an all-inclusive consulting program that is unique, absolutely transparent, and Nancy's assistance and perspective is unparalleled.

Wyatt-MacKenzie Imprints are writers and entrepreneurs who have found a powerful step above self-publishing. What is an imprint? An imprint is YOUR OWN small publishing company under the umbrella, assistance, and experience of a larger publishing company.

We take care of everything — all of the publishing and packaging details and distribution; we provide access to our in-house editor, proofreader, and indexer; plus give Imprints all of the marketing, publicity, and industry information they need, and branding packages unlike any in the industry.

With an Imprint, authors are not self-publishing with a pay-for-publishing author service company, or even a middleman third party distributor — it is their Imprint name as the publisher, and their accounts with the distributor(s).

We set up Imprints with their own accounts for printed books with international distribution to ALL BOOK RESELLERS (not just Amazon) with Lightning Source or INGRAM Spark and guide Imprints on the best option for eBook conversion and distribution. With your own accounts you will always be in control, no matter what changes in the future. You will always be able to check your own sales, instead of waiting for reports. And you will always collect 100% of the profit, directly from the source. E-MAIL FOR INFO

Wyatt-MacKenzie publisher Nancy Cleary has been a graphic designer since 1984. Nancy's passion is designing covers, interior layouts, book packaging and branding and promotional materials.

And, with 25 years experience as an indie publisher herself, Nancy can teach Imprints about the book industry, provide a cohesive book marketing plan, plus give priceless advice on distribution and publicity.

Imprints keep 100% of royalties and can set their own discount. (Ask us how much more money per book you will make versus other options.)

Imprints order books at cost, directly from the printer. (Plus discounts if you purchase in quantity, get the lowest possible production costs and make the highest profit.)

Imprints are paid royalties directly from the distributor(s) (There will never be delayed payment, or concern of stability of a middleman.)

Imprints can check their sales at any time (through the distributor directly—see exactly how the sales rankings compare to number of books sold that day).

Imprints keep 100% of rights and Wyatt-MacKenzie can represent imprint titles for a commission, just as an agent would, providing assistance and advice on foreign rights offers, licensing opportunities, translations, and even film options.

Being under the Wyatt-MacKenzie umbrella provides Imprints industry support when needed, and a transparent knowledge base to go-it-alone when wanted.


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