A Bright Financial Future: Teaching Kids About Money Pre-K through College for Life-Long Success!

ISBN: 978-1-939288-63-9
264 Pages, 5.5 x 8.5
$15.00 Paperback
Pub Date: SEPT 2014


The Financial Angel: What All Kids Should Know About Money by Ava Kofke

ISBN: 978-1-939288-64-6
32 Pages, 8.5 x 8.5
$10.00 Paperback
Pub Date: SEPT 2014


A Simple Book of Financial Wisdom: Teach Yourself (and your kids) How To Live Wealthy with Little Money

ISBN: 978-1-936214-45-7
114 Pages, 5 x 8
$12.00 Paperback
Pub Date: SEPT 2011

"Your book was a real inspiration and I hope that many young professionals with limited incomes will follow the splendid examples of you and your wife."
- Pat Robertson, The 700 Club

"Thanks again for coming in to see us. Great book, great story, great advice." - Ben Tinker , Producer CNN

"Thanks Danny, you were terrific! Great having you on the show. Hope to do it again." - Steve Doocy,
Host Fox & Friends

"You were terrific. And I enjoyed your book. Many thanks."
- Fredricka Whitfield, CNN’s Newsroom

Danny & Ava Kofke

Danny Kofke is currently a special education teacher in Georgia. His love of teaching and finances led him to write the book How To Survive (and perhaps thrive) On A Teacher's Salary. His newest book A Bright Financial Future will be released in Fall 2014.

Danny has appeared on numerous television shows including Fox & Friends, CNN's Newsroom, The 700 Club, CNN's Your Bottom Line, Fox Business Network's Follow The Money, ABC News Now, FOX Business Network's Varney & Company, HLN's The Clark Howard Show and MSNBC Live.

In addition, Danny has been interviewed on over 200 radio shows and featured in a number of publications including USA Today,PARADE, CBS MoneyWatch.com, CNN.com, Fox Business. com, The Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA Weekend, The Wall Street Journal, ABCNews.com, Yahoo Finance, Woman's Day, Consumer's Digest, Bottom Line Personal, Your Family Today and The Huffington Post.



As a school teacher, Danny Kofke knows firsthand that teachers do a horrible job when it comes to teaching financial literacy in our schools. This is why it is up to parents to educate their children on financial issues. A Bright Financial Future is the perfect tool to guide parents in discussing money matters with their children.

A Bright Financial Future, Danny's third book, gives specific tips/advice for parents to use with their children starting as young as age 3 and extending all the way up to the young adult years.

Danny's daughter, nine-year-old Ava Kofke, penned her own book to help kids understand basic money terms. The Financial Angel: What All Kids Should Know About Money covers saving, spending, giving, debit cards and credit cards with activities and cut-out pretend money and play plastic cards. The book was illustrated by 15-year-old MacKenzie Cleary, namesake of the publishing company!

“What a charming introduction to economics for kids! Ava Kofke’s book literally has the power to begin steering youngsters toward a lifetime of financial literacy. Families, schools and libraries should all be adding this title to the early-childhood section this year!”
— Marie-Claire Moreau, author of Suddenly Homeschooling, quickstarthomeschool.com

“This book gives kids a wonderful introduction to money so they can make wiser decisions throughout their lives. The Financial Angel comes with my highest recommendation.”
— Jeff Botch, Friday Night Books, fridaynightbooks.com