The Everywhere Oracle: A Guided Journey Through Poetry for an Ensouled World 

ISBN: 978-1-942545-08-8
108 Pages, 6 x 9 full-color
$17.99 Paperback
Pub Date: November 11, 2015

“…like having a living, truthful, playful and wise storyteller in your presence! You will find Caryl Ann Casbon’s poems dancing off the pages into your heart, awakening new dimensions to your experiences and world that perhaps were always close at hand but just out of reach. You will laugh and cry with her, and her self-compassionate honesty will inspire you to do the same.” — Susan Plummer, Ph.D., author of Deep Change: Befriending the Unknown

“Caryl Casbon’s book is a find for seekers of spiritual wisdom in secular life; its pages, a satisfying interplay of shadow and light. It is deeply personal, yet universal. The poems are pearls—each one is a beauty that stands alone. Strung together they elegantly encircle a life well lived. I look forward to sharing them with my clients. — Nancy Ilene Gump, MFT, Psychotherapist in San Francisco Bay Area



Caryl Ann Casbon

Caryl Ann Casbon earned in a BA at Whitworth University, and an MA in Applied Behavioral Science from The Leadership Institute of Spokane, also a part of Whitworth. She was ordained as an Interfaith Minister in 2000 through the Chaplaincy Interfaith Seminary where she studied in San Francisco.

For 13 years Casbon taught in and lead programs for the Graduate Studies Department at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon through the CORE, education, and Courage to Teach programs. For the last 20 years she has been working as a leader, mentor, and program designer for Circles of Trust Retreat Programs as developed by Parker J Palmer and the Center for Courage & Renewal, and have also worked as the Project Coordinator for the Anamcara Project through the Sacred Art of Living Center, in Bend, Oregon. She received the Lifetime Anamcara Award.








A unique collection of poetry in two distinct ways. First, by nature, these poems are accessible. They often include a story, a surprising metaphor, or ask a question that invites the reader to go within. Second, the book offers a “users’ guide” in the Appendix, where readers are given clear, simple instructions for facilitating book groups. Using the questions written for each poem, readers are encouraged to find their own relationship to the stories and themes, as well as create soulful community dialogue with others. In that sense, this book speaks to the longing for both meaningful community in our society, and a rich communion with the outpouring Spirit all around us.


“Original, deceptively simple, and easily accessible, these poems celebrate the mysterious unfolding of the inner life and point towards the guidance, clarity and meaning to be found in our everyday encounters.”

Parker J Palmer, author of Let Your Life Speak, The Courage to Teach, A Hidden Wholeness, and Healing the Heart of Democracy