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Multi-award winning FAIRYTALE: The Pointer Sisters' Family Story



Gina Bennett has been featured in documentaries on HBO, PBS and Showtime




One of our proudest moments ...

REINDEER WITH KING GUSTAF was gifted to all Laureates by the Nobel Foundation













In the time machine ...

Our 2006 app has been downloaded millions of times worldwide

Wyatt-MacKenzie’s Soundtrack for the Logging Industry

A few of our memoirs ... Taylor Dayne, Peggy Caserta, Tom Weise, Ben Barnz

More of our authors...

Carol Schlanger

Gina Bennett

Amy Impellizzeri

Suzanne Kamata

Kathy Coleman

Caroline E. Zani

Lori Desautels & Michael McKnight

Lisa Pliscou

Annie Burnside

Tara Masih

Sinclair Browning

Matt Bellace

M Dickson

Chandra Prasad

Patti Ashley

Marika Roth

Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD

Pam Leo

Anita Laughlin































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