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Oregon Publisher Collaborates with Award-Winning Website to produce National Print Magazine: Today’s BlueSuitMom

First publication to target executive working mothers!

DEADWOOD, OR - Jan. 18, 2004 – In the same week that INC. Magazine named one of the “best work, family and life balance resources in the United States” owner Maria Bailey called Nancy Cleary of Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc. and asked her help launch a national magazine, “Today’s BlueSuitMom.” The bi-monthly publication becomes the first magazine to target executive working mothers including mompreneurs, mother business owners. 

“Since the launch of in 2000 our online audience and the companies who employ them have asked for our content in print and now they have it,” says Maria Bailey, founder and CEO of BSM Media, the parent company of The Website currently serves over 250,000 working mothers a month with information, articles and interactive tools such as salary databases and birthday party planning lists.

"Today’s BlueSuitMom" magazine is a full-color bi-monthly offering busy working mothers solutions to work and family balance challenges as well as expert tips and peer advice.

Bailey, who is also the author of “Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market” (Prima, 2002) says the market is ripe for a niche publication that serves the needs and interests of executive working mothers. There are approximately 26 million working mothers in theUnited States with almost 40% of them now holding managerial positions. Additionally, woman, many of whom are mothers, are starting businesses at a record number according to the Center for Women’s Business Research and Alpha earners, which are women who out-earn their spouses, now number one out of three women.  

 “Mothers who are committed to their families and careers are looking for solutions to real everyday challenges from staying connected with their children while traveling for business to managing the growth of their own companies. It’s not about saving their Starbucks coffee money for a vacation anymore,” says Bailey. “BlueSuitMom’s represent a very powerful consumer group controlling 85% of their household budget and as much as 90% of their business spending. It’s our intention to unite moms with solutions and advertisers with a group of women with high spending potential.” 

Since 1999, Bailey has built a successful company around moms. Her Website, was named “Women Owned Business of the Year-Special Mention” in 2001 by The South Florida Business Journal. It has also won the praise of publications such as Baby Years, Parenting, Working Woman and ON magazines. In 2001, she launched Mom Talk Radio which remainsSouth Florida’s only radio show for busy mothers. The show airs on WFLL 1400AM Fort Lauderdale on Tuesdays and Sundays at9am.  The show will soon be syndicated nationally. Her first book, “The Women’s Home-Based Book of Answers” was published in 2001 and her second book, “Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Share of the Trillion Dollar Market” (Prima, 2002) is the first to examine the economic impact of mothers and how companies can tap their $1.7 trillion annual spending. Today BSM Media not only produces three media properties but offers marketing services to major corporations seeking to tap the mom market. Clients include Office Depot, Dolly Inc., Clarke American Checks and Noni International.  

Today’s BlueSuitMom is published by BSM Media in cooperation with Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing.  For additional information, please visit