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Deadwood Oregon Publisher Receives National Award

June 1, 2000 - Deadwood, OR – On June 1 at the Book Expo in Chicago Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing was honored with a prestigious Benjamin Franklin Award for its first title, "Healing the Womanheart" by Eugene author Monza Naff.

Named after America's most cherished publisher, the Ben Franklin Awards recognize excellence in independent publishing, Sponsored by the Publishers Marketing Association, these awards highlight publishers creating outstanding books, whether or not sales are record-breaking.

Author, Monza Naff was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and taught for 26 years at the University of Oregon's D. Clark Honors College. She currently resides and teaches in Berkely.

Nancy Cleary, publisher and founder of Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, said, "With this award we hope to gain more media attention and more retailers. This book has the power to heal women's spirits, and I believe we need this in today's society. As a new, small publisher without a large advertising budget, even the highest quality book can be ignored by reviewers, distributors and bookstores - so hopefully this award will help open some doors."

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