MARCH 1, 2006

The Hybrid Mom – Saving the World by Staying Home with Their Children, THE Resource for the Future

Dianne Sawyer labeled Debbie Klett a "Hybrid Mom" last week on Good Morning America, comparing Klett's work-at-home solution to the hottest trend in environmental-consciousness.

March 6, 2006 Deadwood, OR – The Hybrid Mom is an educated, professional, savvy woman who has chosen to stay home and raise her children while having a home-based business. These alternatively-powered families are reaping the financial benefits and their children enjoy the rewards of their mom's presence.

Motherhood is the most important job in the world and professional women who face the decision of having children have adapted in order to continue their career without compromising their values or shifting their priorities.

Debbie Klett, Kristie Zamboanga and Andrea Bandle are three such Hybrid Moms – ex-executives turned stay-at-home moms, the three have joined creative forces to publish total180! magazine. The goal of this exquisitely designed and produced magazine is to help at-home moms feel validated and proud of their choice.

"It's true that we're juggling even more responsibilities than we did before, but that hasn't compromised the quality of the magazine, instead, the challenge has invigorated us," says Klett. "We're capable of accomplishing great things in the 'business world' without sacrificing our children or our husbands. We are happier and feel more balanced when we can experience the passion of caring for our children, and creating a product moms need, at the same time." Their company, Girlfriend Media Group, centers around their core priority and employs all professional at-home moms from editing to design to publicity and features inspiring stories of moms fulfilling personal, parenting, and career goals.

One such mom featured in the Spring issue of total180! is Nancy Cleary who launched Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, named after her son and daughter, to leave a legacy for her children. Cleary has published over forty successful mom-authored books from her home office in rural Oregon. "MacKenzie was only six weeks old when we launched, now she is almost eight and I've been able to watch her grow right along with my company. She's proud of the books with her name on them, but she is even happier knowing mom will be home when she gets off the bus."

So, are these hybrid work-at-home moms really saving the world? Pam Leo, author of Connection Parenting (Wyatt-MacKenzie, 2005) declares, "How we treat the child, the child will treat the world." By raising empowered, connected children who are proud of their mom's accomplishments and shown, by example, that anything is possible to have the life you love, the world will definitely be a brighter, happier place.

Top 8 Ways Hybrid Cars are like Work-at-Home Moms

8. Both are very HOT right now, and can be sexy in their own way.
7. Both can go a long way on little money.
6. Both have dual purposes and need to multi-task.
5. Neither really like to have gas.
4. Children, and batteries, need to be recharged with connection.
3. Both allow for great tax breaks.
2. Both can save the world by nurturing, and investing in, our own valuable resources.
1. Hybrid Cars could end wars over foreign oil, Hybrid Moms could end the "mommy wars"

©2006 Nancy Cleary