February 1, 2005 - Deadwood, OR (PRWeb) - New Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative Empowers Authors with Five-Digit Advance, a Share of the Profits, and a Collaborative Community

What do mom writers have in common these days? Besides the usual juggling of family and writing, a business-savvy league of authors has emerged. Enter the Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative (MWPC), a new publishing solution based in Oregon that puts the writer first. This Cooperative shares profits and provides professional branding, cooperative marketing, PR assistance and more, to moms.

Inspired by the success of their latest title, “14 Hours ‘Til Bedtime: A Stay-at-Home Mom’s Life in 27 Funny Little Stories” by humor writer Jen Singer, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing is test-driving an empowering new model for bringing the book ideas of talented mom writers into print.

Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative publishes superb, high-quality books while providing unparalleled author support and profit share. The MWPC is designed for talented mom writers with completely edited manuscripts, aggressive marketing plans, and a supportive and collaborative spirit. Concerned more with the success of its members than its bottom line from book sales, the MWPC provides each writer book packaging, professional promotion, personal branding, and platform building as part of an advance package with a retail value of over $10,000. Members receive 25 copies of the book, a professional branding package including the design of all promotional materials in print and online, in addition to education, collaborative marketing, and publicity support.

Founder of MWPC Nancy Cleary believes, “By empowering my authors with a memorable personal brand and solid platform they find success in more avenues than book sales. Revenue comes from speaking engagements, spokeswomen contracts, syndication, merchandising, consulting and other services or products which fit her expertise and passion. And these pursuits, in turn, lead to more book sales!”

Call it synergy, membership into the Co-Op makes this group of authors more powerful as a whole than the sum of its parts - figuratively and literally. Networking, member brainstorming sessions, cooperative marketing, and the community support are fringe benefits - the group also shares 15% of entire Co-op’s net profits. Cleary explains, "Imagine if one of the Co-Op books becomes a best seller, some of the members’ annual royalty could multiply tenfold!"

Author Christine Hohlbaum an American mom living in rural Bavaria shares, "After three failed attempts to publish my work, SAHM I Am: Tales of a Stay-at-Home Mom Living in Europe, I was certain the project was doomed for failure. Three different publishing houses had seriously considered it, but each time for one reason or another, there was no follow-through. That's when the Mom-Writers Publishing Co-Op appeared as if from nowhere. Within twenty minutes of receiving a rejection form e-mail with the greeting "Dear AUTHOR" from a renowned NYC agent, I received an acceptance e-mail from MWPC founder Nancy Cleary. She encouraged me, believed in my talent, and gave me the air beneath my wings to fly. Not only that, but we writers have the opportunity to encourage others, too. That is what sets the Co-op apart from a traditional publishing body.

Was it Fate? Great timing, or a little of both? Nancy and I agree on one thing. When you believe in something with all your heart, you are unstoppable. That is the Co-op's objective. It is mine, too."

Paula Schmitt, author of Living in a Locker Room: A Mom's Tale of Survival in a Houseful of Boys a mom of five residing in Vermont comments, "The Mom-Writers Publishing Co-Op is just what I needed. I'm a new author and I was so frustrated trying to hunt down an agent or a small publisher to help me get started. MWPC bridges the gap between self publishing and the big house publishers, and that was just right for me."

Other authors publishing with the Co-Op this Spring include Mommy Life Management Specialist Julie Smith, creator of Mommy Hullabaloo™ and author of Mommyhood Diaries. Smith comments, “You really have mixed the best of both worlds for entry in the world of publishing.”

With the first round of contracts signed, MWPC is shipping out their signature member kits. The inspiring Kit includes “A Book is Born” author journal and memory box, a complete marketing kit, “Blueprints for Branding My Business & Book”, “The Best of Mom’s Business Magazine Volumes 1-4” (2004 Wyatt-MacKenzie) plus other author gifts.

“Over the last 6 years Wyatt-MacKenzie has produced some of the leading products for mom entrepreneurs, sharing these with the new MWPC authors provides great examples of moms with businesses building a platform and selling a product - whether it is a diaper cake or a book - getting product placement on TV or ink in major print magazines are goals of every marketing plan,” states Cleary.

And for the mom writers who do not have a manuscript ready to publish, “The Mom-Writer’s Literary Magazine” launching in Spring 2005 under the direction of MWPC author Paula Schmitt, is a monthly e-zine highlighting regular mom columnists, features of creative non-fiction/memoirs, profiles and reviews, quarterly mom writing contests, and more.

For more information about the Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative visit Wyatt-MacKenzie's web site:

Nancy Cleary 541-964-3314
Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc.
15115 Highway 36
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FAX: 541-964-3315