September 2005
National Association of Women Writers, (NAWW) interviews Nancy Cleary of Wyatt-MacKenzie

NAWW Q: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?


I have piles of tattered journals from the age of 8. They are my escape, my counsel, my "life's companion" as Christina Baldwin would say. I clung to my writing like a lifeline through family turmoil, through art school and my struggle in a corporate art director position, through a longing for a way of life I dreamed, and now, through my vision of building a successful publishing company and leaving a legacy for my kids.

NAWW Q: How and when did you make this dream a reality?


After running a successful graphic design studio from my home for seven years I was left wanting "more." The birth of my second child left me asking, "What am I leaving for my kids? How are all these long hours going to benefit their future?" Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing was born and and eight years, and 24 mainstream mom titles later, here we are - it's 7:00 AM and I am poised to watch one of my authors on The CBS Early Show sharing her story, and her book, about being a stressed-out mom.

NAWW Q: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far in your writing career?


To be brave. I still feel my stomach turn as I write an article – knowing my peers, my competitors, and my clients will be reading it. I constantly battle the voice inside my head chanting "Who are you to write this?" Also be patient, think positive, and think bigger than your book – I help my authors to use their book as a stepping stone to elevate their career.

NAWW Q: What are you working on right now?


I am currently working on "A Mom's Work Is Never Done: Behind the Scenes of the Mom-Business Boom", set for publication May 2006, which is based on my magazines from 2003. Also, my publishing co-op is working on a collaborative title, "A Book is Born", about the journey through publishing and beyond.

NAWW Q: Name some authors or books that have influenced your writing life in a positive way.

Christine Baldwin's "Life Companion" is my bible, I open it at random, read a passage and write about it. The synchronicity of what I find to the events in my life always give me a fresh, grateful perspective on the issues I am facing. Julia Cameron's "Artist Way" and all of Sarah Ban Breathnach's books have inspired and challenged me to live the biggest life possible.

NAWW Q: What have you recently read or what are you reading right now that you would consider an outstanding work?

I'm biased for my own publications these days! Jen Singer's "14 Hours 'Til Bedtime", Christine Hohlbaum's "S.A.H.M. I Am", Paula Schmitt's "Living in a Locker Room", Julie Watson Smith's "Mommyhood Diaries", Kathryn Mahoney's "Cracked at Birth", and Victoria Pericon's "Mommy Land" all provide moms community and comic relief. These funny, smart, and savvy mom authors will inspire all mom writers to take the leap on the springboard of a published book. On a more serious note, "Silent Heroes: Courageous Families Living with Depression and Mental Illness" by Maureen Focht M.S. is a moving, and soulful story as well as an incredible resource I am incredibly proud to publish. Pam Leo's "Connection Parenting" is the most refreshing and educational book on parenting I have ever read, it is a book our society desperately needs.

NAWW Q: What excites or ignites your soul?


Emails like this ignite my soul: "It feels wonderful to be signing books to my family and the friends who supported me so much - I still can't quite believe I'm holding it in my hands.The day my books arrive I couldn't stop crying. I feel so blessed to have my book published by Nancy and to have the co-op. All these years that I have wanted to write this book, I had visions of rejection slips and lots of discouragement.  I never dreamed that publishing my book could be such a heartful, joyful, inspiring, and fun experience. love, Pam Leo, author of Connection Parenting."

BIO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nancy Cleary
Founder & CEO Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing, Inc.

Nancy Cleary is an advocate for creative moms—her publishing company, Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing Inc. named for her two children, celebrates eight years of bringing the ideas of mom writers, entrepreneurs, and inventors to fruition. Behind-the-scenes stories of moms on Oprah, The Today Show, The View, Live with Regis & Kelly, and more are featured in Cleary's series "The Best of Mom's Business Magazine". Other products Cleary has produced include "I Love My Life: A Mom's Guide to Working from Home", "Mom's Work-at-Home Kit", and "Today's BlueSuitMom Magazine". The Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative brings Nancy's innovative approach to publishing – providing her branding talent, savvy PR, marketing expertise, and publishing experience – to talented mom writers. Nancy has been quoted in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, Home Business Magazine, Working Mother Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine and featured in 3 best-selling books: "Marketing to Moms: Getting Your Piece of the Trillion Dollar Market" and “The Women’s Home-Based Business Book of Answers”, and "The Self-Employed Woman’s Guide to Launching a Home-Based Business" . Cleary has a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design and has worked out of her home office in Deadwood, Oregon since 1992.