December 2005
INTERVIEW for publication in The Hot Mom's Handbook (APRIL 2006)

There's nothing more amazing than a mom fulfilling her dreams and pursuing a career on her own terms. From the moment we discover we are going to be mothers, we prepare ourselves to sacrifice anything for the well-being of our families. My mission is not allowing one of those sacrifices to be your dreams of having a career doing what you love.

Since 1992 I have devoted myself to assisting mom entrepreneurs in manifesting their business ideas into books, products and lucrative home-based careers. Our title "I Love My Life: A Mom's Guide to Working from Home" will help any creative mom wanting to launch a business and "Mom's Work-at-Home Kit" comes with a workbook and membership to the leading home-based working mom network in the nation. "Mom's Business Magazine Volumes 1 through 4" go behind the scenes of moms who are creating products, getting publicity, and making an income while being with their children.

You must find what brings you joy and surround yourself with it. Find others who share your passion and observe what they have done. Contribute your own ideas to web sites, magazines, and organizations. Ask the experts in your field questions. Have patience and remember to look at the "big picture" – what you are able to accomplish day to day may not seem like a lot, but year after year, as your children grow, so will the realization of your dream. If you can not find a community to join, then start one. If you are a mom writer who has always dreamed of publishing your book – the "Mom-Writers Publishing Cooperative" provides a community for savvy mom authors, all receiving professional publishing and branding, plus collaborative book publicity and a share of the profits.

When I started Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing Inc., Wyatt was 15 months old and MacKenzie was 6 weeks. At that time they did not appreciate the books on the shelf with their names on it. Now they are 8 and 7 and they are filled with pride when one of "mom's authors" is on TV, and that "their" books can be found in the library, and that Oprah has called mom, four times.

Moms holding on to their dreams of having a business, inventing a product, or publishing a book are a powerful example for their children to realize their own dreams and not to settle for anything less than doing what they love, with the people they love, wherever their heart desires.

Nancy Cleary has a BFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design. She has been an advocate for women entrepreneurs since launching her design studio in Oregon in 1992, and furthered this mission by founding a publishing company in 1999. Wyatt-MacKenzie Publishing has printed over 60,000 copies of 15 mainstream titles to date and empowered, and inspired, thousands of authors and entrepreneurs through their books and two magazines. Cleary has been in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Family Circle, Working Mother Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, and more as well as featured in three best-selling business books. Visit for more information.